At Nature’s Mulch, we are always looking to stay up to date with the hottest landscaping trends, in order to provide our customers with a modern selection of landscape supplies. Our nursery is constantly replenished with the freshest plant material available, and our in-house topsoil is carefully mixed to contain the best components, year in and year out. In this same vein of remaining hip to trends, we have begun to shift some of our decorative rock focus back to the classic that is lava rock. These are volcanic rocks that have been widespread for many years due to their extreme durability. Unique in both composition and color, we wanted to give you an idea of the many uses of lava rock around your landscape. Before we begin, check out our lava rock selection right here, on our website.

red_lava_rock black lava rock

What is Lava Rock?

Widely used in many landscaping settings as a hardscape option, many are not familiar with the origins of lava rock. These rocks are not actually lava but are igneous rocks. Most landscaping lava rock is considered to be foamed obsidian. Lava rocks are very permeable, filled with many little air pockets. This is the result of gasses from a volcanic eruption that made their way into lava but did not escape prior to the cooling process. Made up of high amounts of calcium, iron, and magnesium, they are extremely long-lasting. We carry two specific types of lava rock; red lava rock, and black lava rock, which are both lighter and easier to handle than other decorative rocks.

Decorative Rock: Known for Aesthetic

The foremost use for lava rock in your landscape is always going to be in its primary function; looks. What makes lava rock stand out from the rest are the great color options you can use to accent your other installations. Red lava rock is very similar in color to red brick and makes for a great matching addition for brick homes. The point is, that lava rock can be used in a purely beautifying role, improving curb appeal. Consider this an option if your landscape needs a fresh look, which lava rock can absolutely provide.

Functional Landscaping: Mulch

Another one of the great uses of lava rock in a more functional capacity is as a mulch. While organic mulch options are generally more prevalent due to their adding of nutrients to your soil when they degrade, rock is similarly beneficial. Lava rock used as a layer of mulch will be more lightweight than other rock types, which keeps the integrity of your soil intact. It will also prevent weeds from spreading into your soil, and erosion from degrading the top layer of soil. Due to the porous nature of lava rock, drainage will be much better than other rock mulches. It will also insulate your soil, acting as a barrier between your soil, and extreme temperatures. Likely the best quality that lava rock has is the extremely low level of maintenance. Being volcanic rock, it will not need to be replaced for a significant amount of time. You can save money on mulch replacement, and expect consistent benefits for many years to come.

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