I had called Natures mulch and Landscape Supply supply the afternoon prior to when I wanted the mulch delivered and asked if I could have delivered the next day, the lady who answered the phone was very nice and said she could have it delivered the next day in the morning. She told me that someone would call me when it was about to leave to be delivered, she couldn’t give me an exact time but said it would definitely be in the morning as I requested. The next morning at 8:03 a gentleman called me and said that it was loaded and would be leaving once he got it tied down. About 30 minutes later a guy with the mulch showed up, I would later learn his name was Jeremy and was just helping out as he was not working his normal job due to the coronavirus. We walked around the back of the house where my driveway is and I asked him if he could get the load dumped in the driveway, I live in a house with an ally so it is narrow and the driveways are small. He said no problem, proceeded to get his truck in the right position and dumped the load, he was very nice, courteous, and was wearing a mask again due to coronavirus. The mulch itself looks very good and I have to see how long it keeps it’s color but I can tell the quality is better than I got last year from a different supplier. I am very impressed with the entire experience from start to finish and will be a customer again next year. Thank you!,

Todd Herrmann