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Magic Salt


Magic Salt ®

Features and Benefits:

  • Magic Salt® can only be made by treating rock salt with Magic-0®.
  • Magic Salt® delivers superior ice melting results at temperatures as low as -25F.
  • Treated with a high-performance blend of feed grade molasses and magnesium chloride, it melts snow and ice fast with long-lasting results.
  • Premium Liquid coated crystals for immediate melting
  • Safe for pets, plants and people
  • Use 20-40% less product than regular rock salt
  • Long-lasting performance reduces re-application frequency

Nature’s is your home for all bulk, bag, and liquid anti or de-icing needs in the Louisville area. Nature’s is proud to be the sole distributor of Magic Salt® in Kentuckiana. Open during every winter event, you can cant on us, to be here when you need us.

(approx. 2,100 pounds)

*Bulk load delivery prices are available in Jefferson County only

If you are looking for a safe and effective road salt then look no further than Magic Salt. Available for bulk purchase and delivery, Magic Salt from Nature's Landscape Supply is your one-and-done solution for anti icing. Not only does it guarantee high-performance results, it is also far more efficient at melting snow and ice than traditional road salt/rock salt. That means you can use less and still get more done. Pick up some Magic Salt today and ensure that you are prepared for whatever this upcoming icy season throws at you.