Magic Minus Zero ® – Per Gallon


Carbohydrate-Based Anti-Icer/De-Icer with Magnesium Chloride

Magic-0® by ProMelt

Magic-0 by ProMelt liquid concentrate is a proprietary blend of magnesium chloride and feed grade molasses. Magic-0 by Promelt is a versatile de-icing liquid that can be used for anti-icing, onboard pre-wetting, pre-treating salt or to enhance salt brine.

Features and Benefits:

Magic-0 by Promelt is a premium liquid de-icer that is economical and delivers superior performance in colder environments with a eutectic point of approximately -49F.

  • Salt pretreated or pre-wetted with Magic-0 by ProMelt works at lower temperatures than traditional dry salt.
  • Magic-0 by ProMelt reduces bounce and scatter thereby reducing salt application rates which saves time, labor, fuel and materials.
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the PNS (Pacific Northwest Snowfighters) for corrosion, toxicity and performance.
  • Magic-0 by ProMelt can also be used as an enhancer to salt brines to reduce corrosion, lower freeze points and increase working time.
  • Strong residual effect provides lasting performance and reduces chloride brine runoff.

Typical Product Application Rates

Magic-0 by ProMelt is specifically designed for anti-icing, direct application de-icing, frost prevention and prewetting of solids. Typical liquid application guidelines are: