Andersons Black Gypsum


Andersons 22 0 4 HCU DG with Black Gypsum Turf Fertilizer

$42.50 per 50lb bag. 

Anderson’s 22-0-4 HCU DG w Black Gypsum is the ultimate turf fertilizer. Combining Anderson’s turf food with humic-coated urea and black gypsum technology not only feeds the turf but also treats the soil by breaking it down and chemically aerating it, while also adding micro-nutrient retention potential. Add in Dispersible Granule technology and that results in better absorption. 22-0-4 HCU DG w Black Gypsum also helps combat the damage done by pet urine.  Every granule provides benefits. No burn potential.

Application Rate:

4.0 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

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