Playground Mulch vs Rubber Mulch

The intention behind the use of playground mulch, and rubber mulch, is very similar. Both are meant to provide a safe landing space for children falling, tripping, or otherwise hurting themselves playing outside. Playground mulch has been the standard for a while, both for residential playgrounds, and commercial. Schools, Day Cares, and Churches for many years have used playground mulch, as these wood chips are reliable, inexpensive, and organic. Obviously, safety is a top priority when it comes to this type of mulch, so it is very important to know exactly what you are getting. Because of this, the debate between playground and rubber mulch has become very lively, so we wanted to give you an overview. When choosing mulch for your playground, you want to be confident that the product will keep the children safe under your supervision, so they may have more fun than bruises.

Safety Concerns

Safety is top priority, so no reason to beat around the bush when it comes to the pros and cons of both.

Playground Mulch

While many people believe that playground mulch is too hard, and may cause splinters, this is generally not the case. Although it is wood, it is especially made to ensure that it softens landings, and does not put splinters into your skin. 

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch does its job, and prevents hard falls, but is not without its drawbacks. It is very easy for pests and other objects to get lost in the dark, thick color. Additionally, as it absorbs heat, it can get extremely hot on summer days. What is the point of cushioning a fall if it causes a burn? Long term effects of the recycled products are also still unknown.

playground mulch and rubber mulch

Installation and Affordability

These two categories are probably next up on your list of mulch concerns.

Playground Mulch

Affordable, accessible and easy to install, these wood chips can be found anywhere, and at Nature’s Mulch, we carry some of the best products out there. Engineered just for playground use, NaturSoft Certified Playground Mulch is the way to go.

Rubber Mulch

Installation of rubber mulch is pretty easy, however it can be a bit more expensive. Additionally, it doesn’t need to be replaced or maintained in the same way as wood chips, and that adds to its benefits.

Overall, there is a reason that playground mulch is and has been the industry standard for so many years, as it does the job extremely well. Low maintenance, affordable, and a known quantity, playground mulch will provide your area with effective fall protection, and look great.

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