Now is the Time for Pre-Emergent Purchases

Weeds are the enemy of a healthy and attractive lawn and landscape. Unfortunately, most weeds—including the notorious crabgrass weed—spread like wildfire and can be difficult to control once they’ve emerged. For that reason, it’s not only easier but also less expensive to prevent weeds in the first place than to try and kill them after they’ve broken through.

When it comes to winning the war against weeds, pre-emergent products are an invaluable ally. But it’s important that you’re investing wisely and choosing a great product. Just like any other product, some work better than others, and it makes sense to spend a little more for a good quality product and achieve optimal results. In the long-run, it will end up saving you money—and headaches.

Choosing High-Quality Pre-Emergent Products

When it comes to finding a high-quality pre-emergent product that you can count on, the research process can feel daunting. However, at Nature’s Mulch, we’ve done the homework for you—performing research and seeking tried-and-true products that get our clients the results that they’re after.

We carry Anderson’s professional-grade pre-emergent products. They’re made by professionals for professionals—and they get top-notch results. We have three different turf pre-emergent products to choose from—all of which are granular. In addition, we offer two different landscape bed pre-emergent products.

Effective Application of Pre-Emergent Products

Pre-emergent products work by creating a protective barrier that prevents weeds from germinating. That makes the timing of application critical to your overall success. It is essential that you apply pre-emergent before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees which is when weeds start germinating. For this reason, we advise that pre-emergent weed control is put down by April 15.

In terms of treating plant beds, we are commonly asked whether the product is best applied under or over mulch. We advise putting down pre-emergent weed control before mulching so that you don’t run the risk of the product getting absorbed and trapped in the upper layers. The goal is to create a barrier where weed seeds cannot breakthrough at a lower level. The mulch itself will also play a valuable role in helping suppress weed breakthrough.

Undoubtedly, applying the product at the recommended rate is also as important as timing. This is going to vary by product, but we are always here to guide you, should you have questions. Bed pre-emergent can be applied and is effective throughout the year to prevent broadleaf and grass weeds.

Following application, you’ll also want to make sure that you adhere to recommended cultural practices—particularly when it comes to turf upkeep. Mowing properly, watering, and fertilization all play valuable roles in the war against weeds. After all, the best defense against weeds has always been thick and healthy grass that does the job of naturally choking out those opportunistic weeds in the first place.

By preventing thin and bare spots with proper turf care, you can diminish a lot of weed—and achieve the results that you’re seeking.

At Nature’s Mulch, we have all of the products that you need to keep lawns and landscape beds optimally cared for and maintained. While weeds are certainly a major source of frustration, you don’t have to let them get the best of you. We’re here as your partners in landscaping to help get you all the supplies you need to win that war.