Molycor System

Three Step Maintenance System for you Maintenance Vehicles and Equipment


Clion-X is a neutralizing wash designed to effectively remove chloride salt residue from salt spreaders, plows, truck bodies, and frames

Clion-X prevents rust, integrity failure, and prolongs the life of your investment


Arrest is a concentrated blend of acids, wetting agents, detergents, and water softeners specifically designed for the rapid removal of rust

Arrest adds a phosphatized surface on ferrous metals for protection against further rusting

Arrest helps to remove grease and oils accumulated on the metal surface

Arrest softens and dissolves rust from salt spreading equipment, automobiles, truck bodies, mower blades, and other ferrous metal surfaces

Molycor Plus S

Molycor Plus S is formulated with a processed bituminous base and fortified with additives

Molycor Plus S helps prevent wear, oxidation, and corrosion

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