The Proper Way to Water Your New Plants

Water Your New Plants: The Proper Way

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Water is the lifeblood of your landscape as plants cannot live without it. Plants use water to carry nutrients from the soil into their cells. Water comes in through the plant's roots and carries nutrients all the way up to the leaves and the blooms where it’s needed to help the plant thrive.

Without sufficient water, plants will quickly begin to struggle and ultimately die.

Still, many people are often unsure how to properly water their new plants after bringing them home from the nursery. We receive a lot of questions about watering and are always happy to help. In fact, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips that will set you up for success.

Water at the Base

It is best to water new plants right at the plant base. If you have a soaker hose that you can lay out, that’s truly one of the best ways to ensure that your new plants are watered deeply at the root system, where it’s really needed. As you water, keep in mind that your brand-new plants will likely need more care than your more-established ones.

Water Deeply to Encourage Root Growth

It’s really important that you’re encouraging your plants’ root systems to grow deeply. A lot of times, new plants end up developing shallow roots (as opposed to deep and vigorous ones) because of the lack of nutrients. This can make your root system weak. Try to water around 6 to 12 feet deep for new plants. Also, allow the soil and roots to slightly dry out in between watering will encourage roots to grow deeper as they seek water.

Water During Planting

Give your new plants water as soon as you get them in the ground in order to help get them off to a good start. During the first week, your new plants will likely need a “daily drink” to perform their best. Continue to think about watering deeply during this time to push that root growth. 

When to Back Off Daily Watering

As your flora becomes more established, the number of nutrients that they’ll need going forward will depend on the plant type. However, assuming that they’re receiving ample rainfall, you may be able to move away from daily watering once plants have become established. 

Of course, it really does come down to the type of plants you’ve purchased.

Seasonal annuals, especially those planted in full sun, will likely need water every day. But there are plenty of drought-tolerant plants that can thrive in dry soil and only need some occasional help. It all comes down to knowing what type of plant you have and what its watering needs are now and into the future. 

Partnering with a Pro

Receiving guidance from a professional will be the key to your success in how much to water various plants as they become established in your landscape. At Nature’s Mulch, we are always happy to provide guidance so that our clients can make the best decisions for their landscape. 

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