Summer Pests and What to Do

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The warm days of summer bring us the opportunity to get outside and enjoy our lawns and gardens. The warm days of summer also bring with them pests that can damage our lawns and gardens, or bite us and our pets. 

You do not have to simply accept the pest problem each summer. You also do not have to avoid the outdoors so that you are not bitten or disturbed by pests. 

The first thing you have to do is identify the common pests in your area so you can use the proper treatment for eradicating them or making them move their home farther from yours. 

Grub Worms

This pest is actually not a worm. It is the larvae of beetles that derive from the scarab family of beetles. Grubs have a creamy white color and usually have a rusty orange head. They have six legs, they are slick and sort of shiny, and they curl into the shape of a c. 

Brown Patches on your lawn and grass that can be peeled back like carpet may be an indication of a common pest. 

The majority of the time when you see an influx of grub worms it will be on a lawn that has one specific species of grass rather than a mixture of grass species. These little pests also show up on lawns that receive too much fertilizer or too much water. 

Generally, the damage these critters do will be most evident in the spring and fall months. They are active all summer and by fall they have left your lawn riddled with brown spots and patches of dead or missing grass. 

These little larvae feed off of the roots of your plants. In the spring and fall, they move closer to the surface and are easier to spot and identify. 

To prevent infiltration of the grub worm family you need to stop using a fertilizer that has synthetic chemical components. 

  • Switch to more natural fertilizer solutions. 
  • Allow your lawn to get a little dry and you will help deter these creatures. 
  • Keep your grass cut to a height of three to four inches. Do not cut it shorter than three inches 
  • Call a specialist in lawn care products and ask for advice 

Mole Crickets, Ants, Centipedes, and More

There are a large number of summer pests that are not happy living in the yard. They want to live in your yard and move into your home and storage buildings. These nuisance pests can cause damage to your lawn and garden areas, they can also damage your structures. 

To eliminate the problem you will have to identify the bug and find out why it is being attracted to your property. Just using an insecticide will not help you keep the bugs from returning. You need to identify the cause of the problem so you can stop unwanted guests from returning. 

Natures Mulch offers a wide variety of products that can help you to prevent or eliminate summer pests from your home and gardens. The experts here will help you to identify your problem causer and find the best solution for eradication based on your area, and your preferences. 

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