Start Planning For Your Springtime Garden

Spring Time Garden

Soon the dreary weather of the winter season will move out, and make room for the sunshine of spring. Along with great weather, springtime also means that the time to garden is nearly upon us. While growing much of anything can be difficult through the harsh Kentucky cold, we are also blessed with a grand opportunity for new beginnings every spring. Ensuring that you use this opportunity wisely is vital, as mistakes in the spring can haunt your property all year long. However, proper preparation can make potential issues easily avoidable. Planning ahead of time during the winter months will put you ahead of the curve. In an effort to keep you well informed, we wanted to gather actionable ways in which you can start planning for your springtime garden.

Thorough Property Clean Up

For any landscaping or gardening to be done on your property, there should be ample room to operate, and a clean space to work within. Ideally, there should be a cleanly exposed layer of soil to work with. During the wintertime, debris can accumulate on your property, especially atop your soil. Weeds can also be an issue, as well as old mulch that has not been replaced in a couple of years. Now is the time to clear out these weeds, or replace that old mulch. Rather than put yourself behind schedule scrambling to clean up when the time to garden comes, save time and clean up now.

Soil Preparation: Amendments, Compaction, and Testing

As your soil is such an important part of your garden, it should be in great condition when the time to plant is upon us. Over the course of the winter, freezing or foot traffic can cause your soil to compact, which makes it hard to plant. Tilling or turning soil can loosen it back up, which should be done to a depth of one foot. Additionally, a soil test can be conducted to determine the pH level of your soil and its acidity. Last but not least, now is the time to add organic amendments to your soil, such as compost. If your soil is in really bad shape, utilizing a topsoil mix like Nature’s Topsoil could be your best bet. This should all be done sooner rather than later.

Stock up on Landscape Supplies

Out of all the ways to prepare for your springtime garden, this will probably be the most important. If your gardening tools are no longer usable, or it is just time for an upgrade, Nature’s offers a wide selection. Additionally, now is a great time to fertilize your lawn or plants, giving them a boost of spring growth. We also carry mulch if your property clean-up determines a need for a refresh. No matter your landscape supply needs, this is the time to check out our selection, gathering what you need for spring gardening.

Check out your Local Louisville Nursery: Plan your Plants

The whole point of preparing your garden for springtime is to plant beautiful plant material when the time is right. Now is the time to take a visit to your local nursery, and see what is in stock. Finding the right combination of perennials, shrubs, or even trees, our staff at Nature’s are ready to assist. We can help consult you on various plant material options, giving advice on growth, maintenance, and care. 

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