So Many Types of Edging

Types of Edging

Garden Edging

Proper edging is essential to a good-looking landscape. Clear and separate boundaries give your yard a uniform, organized look and project the care you take. Edging provides a stark contrast between competing areas, such as your patio and perennials. This gives each unique area of your yard its own spotlight. Edging also holds mulch and soil together, as well as preventing weed invasion. However, there are many different ways to edge, and styles of edging. Stone, plastic, aluminum, or even hand-dug edges are all prominent and used by gardeners. There are advantages and disadvantages to all, so we wanted to help educate you before you make your decision. Go into it prepared, invest in edging, and increase the look of your landscape. Here are the many types of edging you need to be aware of.

Stone Edging

Very common, you will often see stone edging around mulched tree beds, and broad outlines of patios, walkways, or gardens. Stone borders are extremely low maintenance and long-lasting, but are typically very bulky, and would not be ideal to use across your entire property. They can also be more costly, so use them sparingly. Your border will be clear and defined, but very prominent, and may grab more attention than the landscape it surrounds.

Plastic Edging

One of the most affordable styles of edging, it can look cheap if not done correctly. Plastic can also lift off the ground, and not be as straight as you might like. However, like other edges, it will do its job effectively. It comes in many grades, so investing in a higher quality may be worth your time if you want practicality, as well as longevity.

Metal Edging

This type of edging is going to be superior to plastic edging when it comes to quality but will cost you more. It is great for holding in a mulch bed or installing on a curved portion of your flower bed. There are also a variety of materials from aluminum to steel, that all are easy to maintain, and last forever. Install is fairly simple, and you will be delighted by the sleek look.

Natural Edging

These edges are very common, as this is what you see between hardscapes and lawns, such as your driveway. Natural edges work great in this instance, but may not be so effective deeper in your landscape. You have to hand dig, which can be very time-consuming, and your roots will certainly fight you. If cost is the limiting factor in your decision to use a natural edge, you are typically going to be better off using one of the aforementioned materials.

Whatever route you choose to take, landscape edging is a must for any serious landscaper or gardener. Come into Nature’s Mulch, and one of our experienced professionals can provide some direction.

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