Roses: What’s All The Fuss?

Tree Form Drift Rose

As a landscape supply store with an on-site nursery, many of our long-time customers come to us looking for a consultation on the best plant material for their property. Although we constantly revamp our selection, it is tough not to go back to those classic plants that work in every landscape. One of those classic plants is our national flower! Found throughout history, pop culture, and many beautiful properties, it is a rose. There is a classical interpretation of a rose as a tough-to-grow bright red flower that signifies love. While there is no doubt a red rose is great for valentines day, there are now many rose varieties to choose from, with innovative and unique characteristics. In this blog, we are going to discuss three of these primary varieties, and sort through one of the most classic flowers of all time.

Knockout Roses

Although roses used to be known as a high-maintenance plant, the Knockout Rose variety has shaken things up. Thanks to this variety, roses are now low maintenance and access to the newest gardeners. Since their introduction many years ago, Knockout Roses have been the best-selling roses in the country. They bloom the longest and require the least maintenance of any variety. They are also the most disease and pest-resistant, which lowers the risk of losing your plant material altogether. Most notably they are resistant to Black Spot disease, which has been the number one rose killer for a long time. This variety is best planted in the spring or fall, three feet apart from one another. They will need to be fertilized monthly, and watered during the growing season. We carry Knockout Roses in a few different colors, namely; coral, double pink, and yellow. Additionally, we carry a tree form variety for those looking for a larger size, growing to 5 feet tall at maturity.

Petite Roses

This rose variety is actually a member of the Knockout Rose family, but its growth differs enough that it deserves a unique section. Created to be a miniature Knockout Rose, you get all the benefits of the Knockout Rose family, with a rose that only grows to be 18 inches tall. This variety is great for a container, or as an accent to a patio. It comes in a dramatic red color, with flowers growing to be 2 inches in diameter. For a much smaller, but equally easy-to-care-for rose option, petite roses are the way to go.

Drift Roses

By nature, this is a dwarf rose variety meant to be used as ground cover. They were designed to be low maintenance, while still spreading rapidly along the floor of your landscape. Their size is easily managed, and they retain the quality of repeating blooms. Drift Roses are also extremely hardy and disease resistant, able to survive in a wide range of climates. Intended for use in mass plantings, Drift Roses are a great way to fill up empty space on your property with a beautiful flower. At Nature’s Landscape Supply, we also offer a Drift Rose in tree form, for those who may desire a larger variety.

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