Proper Way to Transport Plants and Trees

Tree Transport

As a nursery and garden center, we are often asked the question, “How do I safely transport my plants?” A very reasonable question, keeping your plants safe during transport is vitally important. If they are damaged or destroyed in transport, what use will they be in your landscape? Not only that, but plant material comes in a massive variety of sizes and shapes, so transport is not a one size fits all solution. Because of this variety, there are best practices for all types of plant material, and the various conditions that can arise, from weather to distance. Hot and cold temperatures can have varying effects, and the time that they are exposed to these temperatures is also important. Lucky for you, we have you covered, with the proper way to transport plants and trees.

General Guidelines

One of the first things to do is make sure the size of your plants fits in relation to the open space in your car. You do not want your plants to be bunched up, or pushed up against the side of your car, so make sure there is ample room, putting the seats down if needed. This way, you can even transport larger plants on their sides.

Generally speaking, you will want to cover your plants, with a light sheet for larger plants, and something small, like a newspaper, for smaller plants. This will keep them protected from the elements.

Finally, load your plants into the car last, as you want to make sure that they are the most protected item. Use laundry baskets to keep them upright, and place the base of the plants or tree into a trash bag to retain dirt and moisture. After your trip, short or long, make sure you check for any dead or damaged foliage and remove it. Also, never grab your plant or tree by the trunk or stem when moving it to its desired location.

Cold Weather Guidelines

The cold can be one of the biggest threats to your trees, especially cold wind. Make sure you attempt to avoid cold weather, but if it is inevitable, you can still protect your plants. Warm your vehicle up before you put your plants in, as well as a bag, or double bag for protection. Avoid letting plant foliage touch the windows of your car, as it can cause burns. Also, put a layer of cardboard on the floor, for extra insulation. Remember, the less exposure the better.

Hot Weather Guidelines

Just like the cold, extreme heat can be equally as dangerous. Make sure you provide shade within the car, and keep the plants out of direct sunlight through the windows. The windows in your car will enhance the effects of sunlight, especially when temperatures are exorbitantly high. 

Ask For Assistance

Of course, we recommend that all plants be purchased from us, here at Nature’s Mulch, because we trust that we will provide the highest quality and service. When purchasing from us, we will be happy to assist you in getting your plants or trees situated in your vehicle for transportation.

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