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No matter the size of a given landscaping project, the amount of supplies required is a very important number. Directly influencing the cost of taking on the project, it is certainly necessary to gather the right amount of supplies. Purchasing too much can cause an unneeded surplus, just as purchasing too little can cause a shortage. This thought process applies to every aspect of the project, from tools to labor. The only way to get these numbers beforehand is with the proper preparation efforts. Making property measurements, calculating labor hours, and performing an inventory of tools are examples of ways you can gather the information you need to make purchasing decisions. When it comes to the bulk purchase of landscaping supplies, such as mulch, gravel, and rock, our website has a key resource. Introducing you to our product calculator, we wanted to go over how you can calculate exactly what you need for your landscaping project. Keep more money in your pocket by purchasing the right amount of material.

Before Calculating: Making Measurements

Prior to utilizing the product calculator found on our website, you have probably already determined that you need to purchase some landscape supplies in bulk. This could be mulch, decorative rock, gravel, soil, or sand. Each of these items takes up a variable amount of space on its own, which is why there is a unique calculator for each product category. The measurements you need to make to the area in which your product is required are very simple. You need to gather the length in feet, and width in feet, and identify the desired depth. Depth options will be measured in inches, with options from 1 inch to 3 inches. Generally speaking, none of these products will need to be installed with a greater depth than 3 inches.

Simplifying the process, our product calculator takes complex calculations and makes them using only these three inputs. Rather than taking the time to come into the store, and ask “how many scoops of mulch…” our product calculator will do the trick. Once you have your measurements, you are ready to go.

Using the Product Calculator

Now that you know the measurements of the area being filled with bulk landscape material, and the material you desire to purchase in bulk, it is time to use the product calculator. There are five product category options available, so select the corresponding product. Your options will be mulch, decorative rock, gravel/rock, soil, and sand. After choosing the product, and entering the measurements, add the desired depth and click “calculate.” The result of this calculation will be in the form of scoops, which is exactly one cubic yard. This is consistent through each material, except for decorative rock, where one scoop equates to ⅔ of a cubic yard. Our calculator gives the most accurate form of measurement for when you physically purchase materials from our team at Nature’s Mulch.

Benefits of the Product Calculator

Rather than doing your best-educated guesswork, our product calculator lets you gather the exact amount of material you need, rounded to the nearest scoop. The margin of shortage or excess is now extremely thin, meaning that more money is back in your pocket. We never want to oversell or overcharge our customers, which is why we provide this website feature.

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