Plants that Attract Beautiful Wildlife

Plants That Attract Wildlife

Butterfly Flower

Any property, residential or commercial, can come to life with the natural addition of beautiful wildlife. However, it can be a task to ensure that you are attracting only the right wildlife and providing them with a comfortable space to spend time in. Making the determination of what to plant, keeping in mind usage by butterflies, moths, and other insects can be very complex. Generally speaking, plants that are useful to butterflies are also going to be useful to other insects, so you can use that as a guiding pattern. Keeping a variety of plants can also give you a more diverse platform, attracting all types of butterflies, birds, and bees. Lucky for you our team at Nature’s Mulch has gathered their professional recommendations for plants that attract beautiful wildlife.

Flowers with Plenty of Pollen and Nectar

Pollen and Nectar are going to be one of the most vital incentives to provide wildlife when planting. While bees may seem like a nuisance, they actually pollinate around a third of our food supply. Pollen and Nectar act as their food source, and there are some common plants that provide them. Lilacs are great for bees and butterflies, and also smell great. Similarly, lavender plants are rich in nectar and take a while to bloom, great for bees.

But what about Butterflies?

We know bees might not be your priority, and you would likely prefer pretty butterflies to fill your backyard. Lucky for you, there are some pretty simple options that do great in the butterfly department. Already a beautiful plant, Salvia is low maintenance, and butterflies love its color. Verbena also provides a great scent that butterflies clamor to, coming in many different blooms, a southern summer classic. Although it may be a little too obvious, our last choice here is “Butterfly Bush.” Right there in the name, this shrub has a nectar-filled bloom and will make local butterflies go crazy. Although these are a few options, Nature’s Mulch has a wide selection of plants that attract butterflies and other wildlife, so come and view our selection!

Have some Hummingbirds

Gardens are landscapes meant to host a variety of wildlife, including birds. One bird, in particular, is the hummingbird. A beautiful and beneficial bird, you can attract them by providing a comfortable habitat full of the nutrients they yearn for. They need water, food, and shade. Their sense of smell isn’t great, so when they identify food in plants, they do so based on color. Keeping this in mind, there is a wide range of plants that attract hummingbirds (and butterflies) such as Iris, Lily, Petunia, and even aforementioned plants like Butterfly Bush and Verbenas. Remember to choose red and pink varieties, and you will be good to go.

Be aware that many of these plants crossover, attracting many types of wildlife, especially butterflies, bees, and birds. For this reason, it is hard to go wrong, but we still recommend coming in to see us and working with our well trained staff to pick out the perfect plants for your landscape. We would love to see you soon!

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