Landscaping Within a Small Area

Landscaping Small Area

Many of those who become interested in landscaping are presented with incredible properties, lush with large amounts of flowers, massive hardscapes, shrubs, and trees lining the landscape, providing privacy. Not all of us are afforded the ability to possess luxury homes and luxury landscapes. Many of the customers we work with, are working on a budget, or with a limited amount of space. So often we are asked for recommendations on how to maximize the space within a landscape when there is not much afforded. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, utilizing the space at your disposal with peak efficiency. However, it must be a pointed effort, with intentional attention to design and detail. Here are a few of the things we find to be most effective when landscaping within a small area.

Vertical Space

One way to increase the space available to you when looking to design your landscape is to stop looking horizontally and look up. If you have a small yard or patio that you are working with, take a look at ways to effectively use vertical space. Planting trees and shrubs that take up less ground space, and grow to be very tall, is one very effective way. Many varieties we carry at Nature’s Mulch do just that. While more of a concept, take this into consideration when going through your own DIY design process.

Less Lawn, More Space

These days, natural turf is becoming increasingly less utilized, with more time spent indoors. It also requires intensive maintenance, from mowing to fertilization. You can skip all of that, and give yourself more space to landscape, by replacing it with a variety of other surfaces. Install a large patio or another hardscape. Consider plant beds, or stone edging around your yard, adding an extra layer to the landscape. Maybe even a small playground for your children laid on a fresh layer of Nature’s certified playground mulch. When you lose a lawn, you gain valuable landscaping space, so it may be time to consider it.

Adding Green to Hardscapes

Say you do replace some of that lawn with a large hardscape, like a patio. You can fill this patio with all sorts of green material, adding to a landscape that has become very low maintenance. Add plants in containers, or edge your hardscapes with mulched plant beds, especially walkways. If you have a retaining wall in your yard you can utilize the space on and around it to add plant material. A rock garden is another fantastic option for integrating your hardscaping with your planting efforts.

Use the Edge of Your Landscape

An often overlooked piece of space within many landscapes is the area next to the fence, or shrubs, surrounding your yard. The border of your property can be a great place to implement landscape enhancements. You can accent your landscape with mulched flower beds, housing all sorts of perennials. Nature’s Mulch carries all types of perennial flowers, landscape supplies, and tools you may need throughout this process, so feel free to come in and consult our experts on how to best maximize the space in your landscape. 

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