Landscape Tools you Need

Tools you Need

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Integral to any landscaping project are tools. Yes, they must be operated, and there must be material for them to be used upon, but without them, simple tasks become daunting chores. When you are attempting to take on any DIY landscape project, these tools will make your life exponentially easier. These tools bridge the gap between an experienced landscaper and a brand new gardener, enabling everyone to take on their property. Simple tools that you probably remember being in your parent’s backyard shed can make all the difference. From shovels to rakes to clippers, we’ve got you covered. Here are the landscape tools you need.

Hand Shovel

Probably one of the most common tools, and what you would expect to hear, an all-purpose hand shovel is essential to your gardening and landscaping activities. Digging isn’t easy, and a hand shovel makes it ten times easier. Although we know you probably already have a rusty old hand shovel somewhere, we recommend the award-winning “Root Slayer Shovel.” It is a multi-purpose shovel that acts as a shovel, root hatchet and root saw all in one. Taking away the hassle of hitting a root while trying to dig for whatever reason, you can take care of the issue then and there. Luckily, we carry this shovel right here at Nature’s Mulch.

Digging Shovel

Right in line with the need for a hand shovel, when you are taking on larger projects, and larger digs, you need a heavy-duty shovel. Much longer in length with a larger head, this shovel can be used for most all construction, lawn, and garden projects. Our personal favorites are the “Razorback Digging Shovel”, and the “Ames Fiberglass Shovel” which you can check out right here on our website.


While it seems like we are going over tools you already have, it sure is time for an upgrade, and that upgrade can make all the difference. If you’re trying to use your flimsy, plastic leaf rake for breaking up compacted soil, or spreading mulch, you’re not getting the best results you could. A sturdier bow rake could make your life that much easier, with a ton more durability. We offer a very reliable fiberglass bow rake, check it out here.


Just like with a poor rake, digging into tough, compacted soil can be difficult. Heavy snow, rain, and human activity can all cause soil to compact. This can make plant installation a challenge. One way to work this dense soil is with a great pitchfork. Working and aerating the soil with a pitchfork allows you to go in with a shovel or spade and get the job done. 


Another staple of any large yard is a wheelbarrow. Transporting materials is no fun by hand, and a wheelbarrow just simplifies the job. Whether it is hardscaping materials, mulch, or soil, a wheelbarrow is built for the task. Think about checking out a wheelbarrow next time you are installing a new patio or redoing flower beds.

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