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When properly used, landscape fabric can be a great addition to your garden beds. Whether you are new to gardening or possess a seasoned green thumb, landscape fabric can keep your beds looking fresh and clean. Keeping moisture in, and weeds out, landscape fabric acts as a barrier between your garden bed and outside elements. These outdoor elements are often the cause of soil erosion, and landscape fabric is often the most convenient and sustainable option to provide an all-in-one, garden bed coverage. With that being said, we have done you the courtesy of gathering what we know to be the best uses for landscape fabric, helping you employ better gardening practices in your Louisville landscape.

Landscape Fabric: Basic Benefits and Usage

First and foremost, the most common and practical use of landscape fabric is as a barrier for the precious soil in your garden bed, and around the bases of shrubs and trees. This simple use allows for a variety of benefits. It will act as a shield, keeping weed seeds in your soil from sprouting and spreading. This will lead to a decreased need for weed control and herbicides, making you more eco-friendly. This coverage of your soil also reduces evaporation, leading to a higher level of moisture retention. Additionally, as your garden bed and landscape weathers the storms mother nature relentlessly throws at you, landscape fabric will prevent erosion, especially in more sloped or inclined areas. Less washout makes for an easier time maintaining your garden bed.

Where Your Yard needs Landscape Fabric

The most effective places for landscape fabric in your landscape are going to be beneath trees, shrubs and bushes. Laying down landscape fabric with a layer of mulch on top allows for maximum effectiveness. Landscape fabric can also be used beneath the stone, rocks, or other hardscapes. Landscape fabric will reduce the need for weed control in all of these scenarios.

Easy Tips for Use

When using landscape fabric, it is important to choose one of professional grade. At Nature’s Mulch, we offer a professional grade bulk roll, in 6 and 20-year variants, good for use by contractors and homeowners alike. We also pride ourselves on our landscape fabric is environmentally friendly. Additionally, try to use some organic amendment to your soil before laying down the fabric. Leveling the ground, pinning the fabric, and using a high-quality knife when cutting holes for plants are also best practices. Finally, make sure you cover your landscape fabric with some type of mulch, to assist in securing, and protecting it. Mulch also looks great, and adds some beautification to your landscape.

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If you have more in-depth questions about landscape fabrics, its uses, and what is best for you, the professionals at Nature’s Mulch are more than happy to help. Simply put, just make sure you prep your soil, cut your fabric well, cover it with mulch, and secure it well. Landscape fabric will need to be replaced every 3-20 years, dependent upon the type of fabric you install, so choose wisely, to ensure you’re getting cost-effective protection and weed control for your landscape.

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