Kentucky Topsoil Myth Versus Fact


In a previous blog, we covered the ins and outs of topsoil and compost, along with many misconceptions surrounding the two, and how they are used. Both are essential pieces of a healthy landscape, especially in Kentucky. However, in this blog, we are going to laser focus on topsoil. This is just the term for the top layer of soil where plant material and turf form their roots. Obviously, in an ideal world, this layer of soil is nutrient-rich and ready for strong root growth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as in many parts of the country, you are forced to work with tough clay or dirty soil. Whatever the issue, there is often a need to purchase specially made topsoil when taking on a new landscaping endeavor. This can cause a confusing process, as there is a lot of convoluted information out there on the topic. We want to set the record straight, separating topsoil fact from myth.

Myth: All Topsoil is the Same

It may be easy to look at a top layer of dirt and find little difference when comparing different varieties. This could not be further from the truth, as the components of the topsoil are very important and indicative of future growth. In topsoil of poor quality, there will be a lack of positive additives, and you will not see the results you are looking for. At Nature’s Mulch, our topsoil is specially designed, including organic compost, so you do not have to worry about adding it on your own. Higher quality topsoil like ours is made of better components and will do more for your landscape. Check out our topsoil options on our website, right here.

Myth: Roots Grow Deeper than the Topsoil

Another reason why the quality of topsoil used is so important is that the roots of your turf and plant material do not typically extend beyond the topsoil. This is where the nutrients are supposed to be, thus where the roots will reside. Topsoil is typically only the first two to eight inches of soil, so making sure that this layer is the right mix of soil, nutrients, and additives is what will spark healthy growth. It cannot be understated how important topsoil is, especially in the context of roots. The deeper and wider your roots spread, the more stable your landscape, and the longer-lasting plant material will be.

Fact: Nature’s Topsoil is the Best Topsoil in Kentucky

While we do not mean to be braggadocios about our signature topsoil blend, it is pretty amazing. It checks all the boxes, and really is the most premium topsoil, at a fair price. It contains triple-screened topsoil, while also being blended with organic compost and other soil additives. This makes for richer soil overall, and a better growth result. Not to shamelessly plug our product, but why wouldn’t we tell you how amazing it is? We love seeing our happy customers satisfied with the results. Check out our premium blend right on our website.

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