How To Install Decorative Rock

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Well known for our wide selection of stones to use in your landscape, we are big fans of decorative rock. It can be used in a variety of ways, to create cohesive and fresh landscaping looks. Coming in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, there is so much you can do with decorative rock. Not only looking great, when utilized in plant beds, but it can also act as functional mulch, providing similar benefits. Furthermore, decorative rock is extremely low maintenance in comparison to its organic counterparts. Getting all of the aesthetic benefits with minimal upkeep, decorative rock is a no-brainer for many. However, installation can be tricky, so we wanted to put together a little guide for our loyal customers.

1.) Measurements and Amount

The first step in installing decorative rock is assessing how much rock is needed to be purchased. This can only be done if you know exactly how large the space is that you need to be covered. Gather exact measurements, and this will help you be able to do the proper math. If you are going into a landscape supply store, such as Nature’s Mulch, our associates will be more than happy to assist you, with the process becoming even easier if you possess images and measurements.

2.) Create a Perimeter

It is unlikely that you plan to just dump your decorative rock all over the ground and call it a day, so ensuring that you edge the area is vital. If this is a plant bed, utilizing some sort of edge, from natural to metal to keep the rock in will make the installation process much easier. Rather than trying to create a barrier after the fact, do this before to simplify the process. Our favorite edging option is aluminum for low maintenance and easy installation. Check it out right here on our website.

3.) Soil Management: Landscape Fabric

As you will probably be laying these decorative rocks atop some type of soil, you want to ensure that the soil is in proper condition. First things first, remove any weeds, roots, or debris. Matting down the soil is great, to ensure that there is no weed growth or loss of rock into the soil, but landscape fabric also does a great job of keeping out potential problems. Putting a layer down over the soil keeps weeds out, and rocks in. Our landscape fabric is of the highest quality, and a selection of various sizes can be found here. The installation of landscape fabric allows for a clean slate to work with the rock, atop the soil. You can also pre-dig holes for plant material, and cut holes in the fabric to align. Overall, landscape fabric simplifies the installation process.

4.) Pour the Decorative Rock

Once the area is well prepared, now is the time to pour the decorative rock out atop the landscape fabric. Use a rake to even it out, and move it to your liking. Attempt to create a flat look, avoiding peaks and valleys that may look unkempt. For a final clean look, you can rinse off the area with your hose, removing dust and debris. With this completed, you now have a better-looking landscape for many years to come.

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