Grass Seed: What Should You Buy?

What’s in the Bag of Grass Seed?

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Have you ever put much thought into what’s in that bag of grass seed you’re buying? Choosing the best grass seed may sound like a simple enough task but it can be a bit more complex than you might realize. Not only do you risk wasting your money on grass seed that has a lot of unnecessary filler, but you could also end up with poor results if you invest in a low-quality seed product.

You likely already know that the quality of the grass seed sold at big box stores is generally questionable—but even some suppliers have been known to sell low-quality seed. That’s why we’re here to guide you in navigating the process.

The quality of the grass seed that you’re buying is of the utmost importance. After all, your results are going to be contingent upon the seed that you buy. Unfortunately, many of the grass seed varieties sold contain a tremendous amount of filler. Since you’re paying by the weight, this added material is increasing your price without increasing your value.

In the worst-case scenario, the filler is “weed seeds” that generally come from undesirable (and cheaper) turf types.

But a lot of times, the filler is just paper.

Seed “coating,” which may also have fertilizer, is often touted as being better because it will help your seeds to grow. But most people assume they’re purchasing pure seed. After all, you can add the fertilizer yourself after you’ve seeded.

“Inert material,” which is also listed on seed bags are those non-seed items that have made their way into the bag. That includes dirt, sand, sticks, and even sawdust. The trouble is many seed manufacturers have more filler than seed in their bags!

This is seriously undercutting the value of what you’re receiving for your investment.

What Grass Seed Should I use on My Yard in Louisville, KY?

Of course, the type of grass seed that you’re buying matters, too.

The best grass for Louisville, Kentucky is turf-type tall fescue. This grass type has a coarser, wider blade and is more shade-tolerant than other cool-season grasses. It’s also known to be fairly disease-resistant (compared to other turf types).

Ryegrass is another popular grass type in our region, known for its fast germination rate. It is relatively hardy and low maintenance, making it easy to care for.

A third popular turf type is bluegrass, known for its dense, lush, and durable results. However, of these three kinds of grass, bluegrass is the highest maintenance and requires the most care.

That’s why we sell a turf-type tall fescue blend that has a little bit of bluegrass and a little bit of rye, giving customers the best that all of these grass types have to offer.

Of course, no matter which turf type that you’re interested in, you want to know that you aren’t paying for a lot of filler. We are committed to selling you pure, certified blends that are as close to filler-free as you can get. Although there are always traces of inert materials that make it into the bag, we carry brands that screen their seed products and remove the filler.

A Word on Kentucky 31 Grass Seed

Since we get a lot of questions about Kentucky 31 (or KY-31 as the industry calls it), we wanted to touch upon this grass type, as well. Here at Nature’s Mulch, we do not carry this grass type. It’s costly for what you get considering we’ve found it has a lot of filler.

KY-31 was created in 1931 at the University of Kentucky and was designed to be utilized in drainage basins and along roadways—where it didn’t really matter what was growing. We feel that KY-31 is not a good lawn turf and is not going to get the results you desire.

Your Guide to Choosing Grass Seed

At the end of the day, we’re looking out for your best interest and are here to meet your needs. Should you ever need guidance in choosing grass seed, we are available to answer your questions and help direct you to the products that will work best for your needs. After all, you and your clients deserve to achieve a lush and healthy lawn—and that all starts with choosing the right grass seed.

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