Everything You Need For A Container Garden

Your Landscape: Design and Lighting

Garden Bed

Homeowners often come into Nature’s Landscape Supply looking for ways to add creative landscaping elements to their property. They often have a misconception that a beautiful landscape is only attained through expensive installations, and working with a landscaper. This could not be further from the truth, as we specialize in providing affordable DIY landscaping solutions to homeowners. One such solution is a recommendation we make to those customers looking to add color to their property, without the need for a plant bed or dedicated garden. Planting in containers has become increasingly popular as a low-maintenance, easy-care option. Without the hassle of maintaining a large plant bed, you can add all your favorite flowers to your landscape. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need for a container garden, and how our team and selection at Nature’s can be of help.

Before making any purchases, it would be helpful to gather an idea of what you would like your container garden to look like, and where it will be located on your property. Make sure you are choosing a spot where ample sunlight will reach your plants, and that this amount of sunlight aligns with your plant choices. One of the great benefits of a container garden is the flexibility in planting, as you can essentially select anything to go in any container. Some plants will need more or fewer nutrients, and do better or worse in different temperatures. Additionally, take the time to browse through our nursery, and note the color schemes, shapes, and sizes that you want to integrate into your container garden.

Containers: Aesthetic Appearance

Like your plant selection, the containers you choose to use in your container garden are really up to personal preference. This will come down to what you think looks good in terms of material and size. Terra cotta, wood, and metal are just a few examples of materials, and sizes will vary widely. Beyond appearance, durability will be another factor to consider, but if cared for properly, most containers will suffice.

Time to Plant: Potting Mix

Once you have selected the containers and plants that you will be using in your container garden, you will need something to plant them in. Potting mix is your best option, as it will generally contain a combination of soil and organic additives that will help plant growth. At Nature’s, we carry our signature “Nature’s Garden Magic”, which is a premium blend of topsoil, compost, and soil additives that make for the best potting mix in Louisville. We do not take that claim lightly, which is why we get raving reviews from so many of our customers. While most potting soils available on the market contain no nutrients for your plants, we save you the hassle and add them ourselves.

Long Term Maintenance

Like any other garden, the plants in your container garden will need to be taken care of. Remember to keep track of the individual maintenance needs of your plants, which our team at Nature’s can help you with when you use our nursery. However, there are some generalized maintenance tips for all gardens. Make sure your plants are routinely watered, as well as taken inside when temperatures become extreme in either direction. One of the great advantages of a container garden is the ability to easily protect your plant material, so make sure to keep an eye on the weather app. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your container garden design, or to consult our wonderful team here at Nature’s Landscape Supply.


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