Do I Need To Water My Landscape This Winter?

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As the year comes to an end, it is interesting to observe the many changes we have seen throughout the past year. Managing a global pandemic and your landscape simultaneously is no easy task, but our team at Nature’s Mulch believes everyone deserves a little pat on the back. Another thing that comes with the changing of the seasons is the holidays and inevitably cold weather. This change in temperature affects the way in which we landscape, especially when things begin to dip below freezing. Potential damage to plant material, or even your turf, it is best to be aware of all the proper seasonal practices, so you can be set up for success come spring. Of vital importance at all times of the year, how you disperse water throughout your landscape may change with the weather. We are often asked about watering practices during the wintertime in Louisville, so here is the answer.

Summer to Winter: Less Watering Overall

The way in which turf and plants utilize water as a nutrient for growth, there is inherently less of a need when the sun is not beating down day after day, at high temperatures. This means that no matter what, even if you do water at various times throughout the winter, no longer will we be watering at the same frequency level as in warmer months. The exact amount of water used will depend on the specific plants on your property, as well as the weather conditions on a week-to-week basis, which will be our next topic of discussion.

Weather Data: Stay On Top

As an experienced landscaper, a staple app on your phone or computer should be some sort of weather data application. Especially with the active changes in our climate, there may be times where the temperature is up near 60 degrees in the winter, or where rainfall is happening at a frequent rate. You do not want to water before a freeze, as this can be harmful to your plant material, as well as if you see that there will be ample rainfall throughout the week. Allow mother nature to do her job, but be cognizant of her actions, as winter watering means engagement with the weather must be high. If the weather is warmer, more watering will be necessary, but under 40 degrees or with heavy snow, watering will be unnecessary.

New Plantings and Evergreens: Must Water

Along with some other maintenance practices, such as fertilization, watering is one of the most important pieces of plant care that keeps initial growth healthy. This means that if you have planted something recently, it is going to need water to maintain throughout the winter, and grow healthily in the spring. Additionally, plants that possess leaves all year round, like evergreens, need to be watered as when the ground freezes, they utilize reserves to push through. Protecting your plants is a must, and with any sort of growth happening in the winter, water is required for it to happen. Your plants are dormant, not dead, and need water as any live plant would.

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