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There are so many components of a healthy landscape, especially in Kentucky. As nice as it would be for turf and plants to grow without assistance, this is not the case. Landscaping services, tools, and chemicals are often combined to cohesively support the health of your landscape. If gardening is the goal, there is one additive in particular that your landscape will be most grateful for. Keeping your soil healthy is vital, as this is where your plant material will form and expand root systems. Soil should possess nutrients that benefit growth, but this is not always the case. This is why topsoil is such an important piece of your property puzzle, the uppermost layer of soil where your plants grow. In this blog, we will discuss the makeup of topsoil, as well as some tips on choosing the right topsoil for your Kentucky landscape.

Topsoil: General Overview

Probably one of the most overlooked aspects of gardening, topsoil does not get the attention it deserves. People are so preoccupied with what is happening aboveground, they forget what happens below. As we mentioned before, topsoil is the uppermost layer of your soil. This is typically the top couple of inches and the place where your plants do most of their nutrient gathering. For this reason, topsoil purchased from a third party generally contains a mixture of organic matter, microorganisms, and compost. These organic nutrients help plant material grow, as the topsoil naturally found within a landscape may not be of the highest quality.

Understanding Topsoil Quantity

For the casual gardener looking for a small amount of organic material to place in their garden, we carry bagged compost here at Nature’s. Quality will be great, and something is better than nothing. If you are a landscaper, or someone who cares greatly about their landscape, purchasing in bulk from a landscape supplier like Nature’s will be your best bet. Our specially mixed topsoils will almost always be of better quality than generic big box options, as landscape suppliers specialize in just that, landscaping.

Important Topsoil Components and Qualities

As was aforementioned, topsoil purchased from a landscape supplier will be of better quality than generic options at big box stores. However, it is important to know exactly what components to look for when making your decision. Many topsoils do not include compost and expect you to mix it in on your own. Any great topsoil blend will already have compost in it, saving you time and money. The topsoil you choose should also be screened, which is the process of sifting out large chunks and debris. This means the topsoil you get will be fine-grained and ready for use. Additionally, it goes without saying that topsoil should contain organic matter and microorganisms, so your plants can thrive.

The Best Topsoil in Kentucky: Nature’s Topsoil

For the best quality topsoil, you will find in Kentucky, specifically mixed and tailored to the specifications of our climate, look no further. Our in-house topsoil sold exclusively at Nature’s possesses the best quality of any topsoil around. With a mixture of 80% topsoil and 20% Organic Compost, you can avoid an unsightly compost pile tarnishing your yard. Nature’s Topsoil is also dry, and triple screened, meaning you will not find a finer grade of topsoil. Our experts mix in only the best organic matter, as we love to see you come back when your plants grow better than ever in Nature’s Topsoil.

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