Best Trees For Front Yard Landscaping

China Girl Holly

As it is often said, your front yard landscaping is the first impression of your property. Well, your front yard is the first impression of your landscape, and the first thing visitors and neighbors will see. This is why it is so important to keep your front yard pristine, while we all occasionally leave a mess in the back. In your front yard, or in any landscape, trees provide symmetry and structure. Lasting for decades, trees grow to maturity along with your property and are a vital piece of the look. Keeping them happy and healthy is very important, but if you are just getting started, choosing the right trees can be a tough decision. We understand this struggle and have put together a list of our favorite trees for landscaping your front yard.

Arborvitae: North Pole or Degroot’s Spire

At Nature’s Mulch, we carry multiple varieties of this tree, and we think it is perfect for the front yard. One of the most appealing aspects of a tree installation is the privacy created as the tree grows to maturity. Well, these are narrow evergreen trees that can be planted along a fence, a border, or even just in a line. As they grow, they can create a natural privacy wall for your front yard, which boasts a luxurious look. Nobody wants people peering into their property, so we love the privacy these trees provide, especially when planted in full sun or partial shade. Degroot’s Spire can grow anywhere from 20 to 30 feet tall, while the North Pole variety is a tad shorter, at 10 to 15 feet at maturity. Check out the “North Pole”, and “Degroot’s Spire” varieties respectively.

Centennial Girl Holly

This species of tree is a broadleaf evergreen, which means you will get lush green color all year long. Also coming with that quality is tolerance to both heat and cold which allows for healthy color no matter the temperature. It often grows bright red berries, and in a pyramidal shape like other holly varieties. Mature growth can be expected to reach about 15 feet in height, and 8 feet in width. Unlike some holly varieties, the thorns that grow on Centennial Girl lay flat, and are no issue. Rich soil is best for planting, as well as partial shade or full sun. Maintenance is very average, so Centennial Girl makes for a great choice of Holly in any landscape.

Ruby Sunset Maple

Unlike many of the other trees on this list, the leaves of the Ruby Sunset Maple grow in a deep green that changes to a beautiful ruby in the fall. Overall, the form is very oval and the tree provides much shade. At maturity, it will be 25 feet in height and 20 feet in spread. It is very low maintenance but will require pruning in the summer. Compared to other trees of its stature, it is relatively compact in size, great for any size of the property. Additionally, it is hardy in the cold, likely to survive every winter of its 60-year lifespan. Come into Nature’s Mulch and check it out for yourself.

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