All the Uses of Sand Around Your Landscape

Sand Landscape

More than likely the first landscaping materials that come to mind are mulch, and decorative rock. We see these materials used in nearly every landscape, with the many benefits they provide to your property. However, one landscaping material that is often overlooked is sand. Playing many different roles in many landscapes, sand runs under the radar compared to its flashier counterparts. In fact, sand is one of our top sellers at Nature’s Landscape Supply, which may surprise many people. Our goal is to rid you of these misconceptions, and discuss how beneficial sand can be in your landscape. As one of the most versatile landscaping materials, here are all the uses of sand around your Louisville landscape.

With an Aggregate: Level Foundation

We figured we would start the blog off alphabetically, discussing the primary reason landscapers purchase our sand. At the end of the day, sand is just a finely ground rock, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to see it in your landscape rather than at the beach. An aggregate is a component in the making of concrete, which is then used as the foundation for pavers and other hardscape surfaces. Something is considered an aggregate when the particles are less than 5 mm in size. Aggregates are the most basic building materials in any construction, and their use dates back thousands of years. Many companies utilize sand as an aggregate or combine it with an aggregate as we do right here at Nature’s. It can then be used as a base for all kinds of construction, and easily enables a level structure.

As a Base: Pool Installation

Similar to the way sand can be used as a base for hardscapes, it is also often used as the base for an above-ground pool. This type of sand is referred to as “Mortar Sand”, and is also used in playgrounds. The big difference with this sand is the lack of aggregate or small rocks. You want a material that will hold firm and support your pool installation, while still maintaining a soft feel and comfortable floor for your bare feet. Sand is actually also used in pool filters, although this is a specially grained sand referred to as “Silica Sand”, meant to filter out the smallest of particles.

For Safe Recreation: Playground Sand

At Nature’s Landscape Supply, we carry specially engineered playground mulch, meant to soften falls and act as a safe playground floor. Compared to the hardness of concrete, our clients would much rather their children or students take a spill on a soft surface. However, a great alternative to mulch on playgrounds is sand. Just as soft and relatively inexpensive, “Mortar Sand” also works great as a safe space for family fun.

Between Pavers: Weed Prevention

One of the very common uses of sand in your landscape is to fill in the cracks of your pavers. This is one of the most common places for weeds to stick out their ugly heads, and filling your cracks with sand can slow down this process.


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