50 Shades of Soil


Choosing the right soil for your next landscaping project is important. But you probably know that there can be some major differences from one soil type to another. Not only that but what one supplier is selling versus another can also differ dramatically.

In order to help you understand what you’re getting—and make the choice as to what is best for you—we’ve put together this helpful guide so that you know what to look for.

Top Soil

When it comes to purchasing topsoil, the most important factor to consider is whether or not it has been screened. Soil that has been dug out of the ground but no run through a screen can have debris in it such as sticks or even leftover plant seeds (or worse, weed seeds!) that can make it very undesirable.

Screening also impacts how “fine” the soil is. If it has not been screened, it could have clumps that can make it difficult to work with. You should look for soil that is fully screened as this will make it much easier to spread. Because of Kentucky’s clay-like soil structure, unscreened soil is challenging to utilize.

Unfortunately, many suppliers do not screen their soil completely. They’ll sometimes use compost as filler in order to try to break up those clumps that were left in (rather than screened out). But at Nature’s Mulch, our topsoil is 100 percent screened with no fillers. It’s also always kept undercover so that it’s dry and ready to go.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is dirt that is not ideal for growing anything in but can fill a hole or space inexpensively and effectively. At Nature’s Mulch, our fill dirt is generally a mix of different dirt types and is priced competitively.

Garden Mix

Garden Mix Soil is a step up from topsoil in that it’s a premium-grade product that works great for growing plants. Every supplier has its own Garden Mix recipe and ours is uniquely our own. We are proud of this product and we get a lot of compliments on it. We’ve created it based on years of research on what does and doesn’t work—and our clients tell us it works great.

At Nature’s Mulch, our custom Garden Mix includes topsoil, compost, and some sand for drainage purposes. It also has some soil conditioner mixed in and just a little bit of processed cow manure to provide some vital nutrients. It’s a very high-quality product that folks tend to come in year after year to buy. It’s also 100 percent organic and works great for gardening, plant beds, raised planters, and more.


Finally, compost is a product that can be added to topsoil or to a Garden Mix in order to enrich it with nutrients even further. The most important thing with compost is to find a product that does not have plastic added in. Unfortunately, there are some suppliers that will sell compost that is contaminated with plastics. But at Nature’s Mulch, you can count on our compost being 100 percent clean.

Working with Nature’s Mulch for your Soil Needs

No matter what type of soil you need, the bottom line is that the experts at Nature’s Mulch are here for you. Of all the various soil types that we offer, you can expect high-quality products that you can count on.

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