5 Tips for Landscapers

Learn to Landscape like a Pro

5 Tips For Landscapers From A Pro

A vast number of people are intimidated by the idea of landscaping. One mistake that many people make when they begin to landscape their property is they try to do too many projects, and make too many changes at one time. If you are considering a new landscape for your yard, or garden, think about the following 5 tips for landscapers before you start. 

We got some tips from professional landscapers to help you with your landscaping. 

1. You have to have a plan 

All of the professional landscapers we spoke to had this tip. Before you can begin to buy plants, install outdoor elements, or remove plants from your yard you need to establish a plan for what you eventually want the space to look like. 

You need to sit outside where you can see the space and try to picture the things you want to put in that space. Take a piece of paper and you can sketch out your landscape plans, or simply make a list of the things you want. 

2. Pick a focal point 

Before you begin your landscaping decide which landscape element is going to be the star of your show. You may want to have a gazebo in the yard, a pool, a waterfall, or outdoor living space. The focal point is the main attraction that you want everyone to notice when they see your yard. 

It is probably the portion of your landscaping that you will spend the most money and time on. Everything else you do will be to complement this one portion of your property. 

3. Variety is key 

The plants you incorporate into your landscaping plan should be varied in size, color, and species. You want to choose flowering plants that will bloom in a variety of colors and at different times of the year. That way you always have a splash of color in your yard. 

You want to choose shrubs and greenery that have different leaf color variations. Leaves can be multi-colored or they can be different sizes and textures. These differences will create contrast among your plants. 

Choose trees to add that will grow different heights, and produce different amounts of shade. You want to place the trees strategically around the property so that you enhance the shading and help reduce your utility costs in the summer. 

4. Consider native Plants 

We all love exotic plants and their bright colors, but when you are creating a landscape consider using native plants for most of your shrubs, flowers, and trees. Native plants will do better in the area you live in, and they are usually easier to care for. 

5. Start Small and be Open to Change 

When you are landscaping you are taking on a project that will grow over the years. It will not all be done at one time, and it will change through the years as well. You will try some things and discover that they simply do not work for your yard or lifestyle. 

Begin with one small project and when the project is complete, live with it for a few days or weeks before you move on to the next thing. Give yourself time to adjust to the changes in the landscape and you may see things in a different light and want to change or adapt your plans accordingly. 

The key is for you to have fun and enjoy your landscaping. Do not be afraid to call a professional for advice or ideas. 

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