5 Spring Blooming Plants You Need For Your Garden

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Spring is our favorite time of the year at Nature’s Landscape Supply as the sun comes out, and the time to plant new material is here. Gardeners and landscapers alike are clamoring to get the latest and greatest in landscape supplies, and homeowners are coming in to consult us on their properties. While there are many common questions we are asked every week, there are a few that seem to pop up more frequently in the spring. Having recently been discussing the incoming spring season, we decided to hyper-focus on those plants that bloom in the spring. To give our customers the best information possible, here are our five favorite spring blooming plants that you need for your Kentucky garden.

1. Nova Zembla Rhododendron

As it blooms in the spring the Nova Zembla is a very cold hardy Rhododendron that grows as an evergreen flowering shrub. It will not be very big, but it does grow very upright. The color is that of a deep pink, which deepens in correlation with the plant’s exposure to sunlight. Bloom can be expected in mid-spring, and both height and spread at maturity should be expected around 5-8 feet. Foliage will be dense, but this is a great foundation for any garden. Check it out on our website, right here.

2. Coral Knockout Rose

Another flowering shrub for the list, this rose variety is considered to be deciduous. It will bloom in the spring, but last all summer long. It requires little to no maintenance, as the double-flowered plant will only need to be watered when it is very dry. It grows quickly to maturity, expected at about 5 feet in height and spread. The flower is a coral orange tone, and it should be planted in full sun. Check it out on our website, right here.

3. Autumn Twist Azaleas

Continuing the theme of flowering shrubs, this is an evergreen Encore Azalea. It blooms twice a year, producing purple and white striped flowers. Height and spread can both be expected to be anywhere from 4 to 6 feet at maturity. It is known to attract local wildlife, like butterflies, and prefers to be planted in the shade. It benefits greatly from the addition of mulch to retain moisture but does require watering. Check it out on our website, right here.

4. Kaleidoscope Abelia

In comparison to the other shrubs on this list, this variety of Abelia only grows to be about 2 feet tall, and anywhere from 3-4 feet wide. It blooms in the late spring, holding its flowers until September. For a summer-long showy color that almost looks like a kaleidoscope, this plant will do well in full sun or partial shade. It is very low maintenance and can be used as a low hedge. For more information, check it out on our website right here.

5. Valley Valentine Japonica

Of all the plants on this list, this flower is likely the most unique. Maroon in color, this evergreen shrub can be expected to bloom strongly in April. Mature height will be anywhere from 2-4 feet, with spread anywhere from 3-5 feet. It should be planted in at least the partial shade, if not, full shade for best results. Very tolerant of the shade, it is also tolerant of deer. The largest drawback is the increased need for maintenance, but this will be no issue when you see the beauty the flower provides.

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