4 Reasons you need a Rock Garden

Rock Garden

There are so many ways in which you can enhance your landscape, and professionals will attempt to sell you all sorts of projects ranging from a new patio, to a fire pit, to a bed of freshly installed plants. However, today we want to touch on a simpler, more durable solution for your yard. As you consider the aesthetic you desire for your landscape, think about what a rock garden could bring to your property. Rock Gardens have been prevalent for centuries, throughout early Chinese and Japanese culture, and for good reason. Rock Gardens provide a simple, yet stunning take on landscape design. Here, we will discuss the 4 reasons why you should consider a rock garden for your landscape.

Low Maintenance

First and foremost, as should be the primary consideration of any landscape job, is how active you must be in maintaining its look and feel. When it comes to the rock garden, they can withstand the worst of weather, and retain their best look. Besides the occasional pulling of weeds, there is very little you will need to actively do to maintain the rocks themselves. Understandably, if you include various plants within the rock garden, they will require care, but the level of care required will be entirely up to you and what you plant.

Water Conservation

Going right along with the low maintenance, Rock Gardens, unlike grass, do not need to be watered. Removing green space from your lawn will not only save you money but save you the time of managing the irrigation for that much more area in your landscape or garden.

Curb Appeal

As with any piece of landscaping, a beautiful rock garden will instantly catch the eye. Whether it be a small garden, full of tiny pebbles along the walkway to your home, or a large backyard rock garden filled with lush plant life, people will be impressed. If you plan to sell your home at any point in the future, your rock garden could be a prime piece of discussion for a potential buyer, and when you show them just how easy it is to maintain, they are sure to be wowed.

Rock Bandage

Do you have a few areas of your yard that you wish looked better? Dead grass, poor soil, or just a lawn care accident? A rock garden is a perfect cover or “bandage” for these problem spots. Not only can you disguise this area, but completely turn it around, from problem to pretty.

How Nature’s Mulch Can Help

At Nature’s Mulch, we carry a variety of decorative rocks and stones of various sizes and price points. Our friendly staff is ready and willing to assist you in taking on your next landscaping project, especially a brand new Rock Garden. From the lack of maintenance to the increase in curb appeal, there’s every reason to.

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